Shark Island Productions

An award-winning independent documentary production company based in Sydney, Australia. We aim to educate, entertain and make a significant social impact with our films. Our documentaries include THE FINAL QUARTER, LIFE AFTER THE OASIS, SUZY & THE SIMPLE MAN, PAUL KELLY – STORIES OF ME, THE OASIS, IN THE COMPANY OF ACTORS, ALONE ACROSS AUSTRALIA, WOODSTOCK FOR CAPITALISTS, POLLY & ME, WALL BOY, THE SOLDIER and STORIES FROM THE INSIDE. More >

We are currently in production with THE DEPARTMENT, exploring the complexities of child protection, intergenerational poverty and homelessness in Australia.

Shark Island creates extensive curriculum resources for educators and the secondary school sector, together with strategic outreach and community engagement campaigns to raise awareness and make a difference. Shark Island Productions builds strategic partnerships with foundations, philanthropists and not-for-profit organisations to connect with a broader audience and bring about sustainable change.