Storytelling and documentary filmmaking are at the heart of what we do.
We make and support films for impact, and develop long-term outreach and education campaigns.
We build circles of influence and collaborate with a diverse cross-section of the community,
to achieve a more inclusive, just and healthy society.

Shark Island Productions

An award-winning independent documentary production company based in Sydney, Australia.
We make social impact documentaries to engage audiences, shift thinking and inspire action
around social justice and the environment.


The Portfolio

A portfolio of international documentaries telling the urgent stories of our time. We work strategically with outstanding film teams who pursue these stories and their outreach programs with determination and grit. We choose films that can act as a disruptor, and help develop their Australian impact campaigns.

Telling the important stories of our time.


We are a small and dedicated team of documentary filmmakers,
storytellers, changemakers, strategic thinkers and community builders.
We aim to make great films and create important social change,
and we do this together with our coalition of our philanthropic partners.



Shark Island Institute
One Dorhauer Lane
Woollahra NSW 2025

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