THE TWINS | A New Play

THE TWINS — A new play

Two old friends, once inseparable at school, come back together forty years after playing the twins in Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, to rework it as a two-hander. A heart breaking hilarious new play about trust; remembering and forgetting to remember; loss; regret; love; pain and glory.

Their lives took different paths — they are now reunited but who’s playing who? Are they who they say they are and should any of that matter? And once you’ve let go of your dreams, is there ever really any way back?

It’s about fathers and the shadows they leave, the labels we give to others and ourselves and the burden and guilt these two friends carry as a result. An achingly honest account that sees privilege and heroin joined at the hip.

The Twins was co-created and co-written by Sarah Butler, Ian Darling and Greg Fleet over three development residencies at Shark Island Institute Kangaroo Valley NSW. The play premiered at the Adelaide Fringe in February 2021.

It features Greg Fleet and Ian Darling playing ‘Greg’ and ‘Ian’, is directed by Terry Serio and Sarah Butler and is produced by Mary Macrae.