Woodstock for Capitalists


WOODSTOCK FOR CAPITALISTS: a story about the good side of capitalism.


Each year the faithful make a pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska. Some 15,000 people descend on this small Midwestern town, anxious to hear the wisdom of their humble guru. It is an event surrounded by ritual, adulation, and a fair amount of cult worship. But this is not a gathering of a religious sect; it is a shareholders’ meeting. It’s a millionaire’s convention — probably the largest gathering of private wealth at any one time, anywhere in the world. Their guru, Warren Buffet, is an unassuming man in his late sixties. He also happens to be worth over $40 billion, making him the second richest man in the world.

The film leads through the three-day festival asking the questions we ourselves want the answers to. Everyone soon discovers that the weekend is about a lot more than money. The Berkshire Hathaway shareholders are a global tribe, brought together by a shared set of values and a strong sense of family. Ordinary men and women come to see Warren Buffett, the man who has changed their lives so drastically.

Director/Producer: Ian Darling
Cinematographer: Paul Ree
Editor: Sally Fryer
Line Producer: Elke Taylor
Music: Fabian Fitzgerald


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