Wall Boy


The true story of a young runaway caught up in the city’s darkest vices…


A shy young runaway finds himself forced into sex work at the notorious ‘Wall’. At nightfall he stands awkwardly on the street amongst the hardened, older hustlers. A man in a car close by watches his every move.

The boy’s only respite is a quick break on board an outreach bus, which drops by once a week offering hot drinks and free internet. He is allowed to get on and use the computer but must not speak to anyone or make eye contact.

The Youth Worker on the bus takes a genuine interest in the boy, even though his attempts to befriend him are continually rejected. As he watches the boy deteriorate over a series of weeks, the Youth Worker becomes ever more desperate to break through to him, before he spirals beyond the point of no return.

Writer/Director: Sascha Ettinger Epstein

Producers: Ian Darling, Susan Mackinnon

Cinematographer: Nicola Daley

Editor: Sally Fryer

Sound Design: Brook Tresize, Sam Petty

Composer: Felicity Fox

Line Producer: Mary Macrae