The Residencies

Since we opened the big barn doors of The Sheds in 2014 and our first guests arrived, Shark Island Kangaroo Valley has hosted over 100 residencies and creative developments for visual and performing artists, documentary film makers and writers.

Our spaces have been developed around the belief that the power, peace, remoteness and beauty of the Australian bush environment provide the perfect setting to nurture and inspire creative ideas and art. It’s all about synergy of land, culture and people. Creating spaces and time, to bring what is outside in and what is inside out through story: as art, as word, as music, as film, as play.

We have welcomed the young painters of the Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, as well as established artists from around the country. Films have been conceived and developed; social impact strategies – for award-winning documentaries from Australia and the world – have been designed.

We have hosted gatherings of First Nations filmmakers from Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia; and workshops that empower young female writers and producers. Award-winning journalists have written seminal articles; State theatre company directors and designers have worked on concepts; playwrights on scripts; singers on songs; writers on novels; actors in rehearsal. A place where things begin…

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