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A gun massacre survivor and a filmmaker form an unlikely bond as they slip down the rabbit hole of paranoia and conspiracy, in a desperate search for solace and truth.

Directed by Jared Nicholson & Ben Lawrence
Produced by Rebecca Barry & Madeleine Hetherton-Miau

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28th April 1996. Wendy Scurr arrives at work at the Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania. What transpires moments later changes her, and Australia forever.

That day became one of the world’s worst mass shootings in modern history, leaving the deepest of scars on our national identity… and on Wendy. Meanwhile, Australia’s gun laws are radically overhauled. The killer is sentenced, never to be released. More >

But with society moving on and the Coronial Inquest into the event abandoned, Wendy falls into a vortex of PTSD. Her unanswered questions and distress are fuel to the growing confusion about the massacre.

TROUBLEMAKER explores a nation’s collective trauma through the journey of one survivor’s search for the truth, a filmmaker who is pulled under with her, and how a survivor will sacrifice anything for answers.