The Real Meaning of Pleasure
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A young actress reconnects with her estranged uncle after discovering he has terminal cancer. Together with her asexual, autistic mother, the neurodiverse family embark on a journey to reconnect in Las Vegas.

Directed by Laneikka Denne
Produced by Adam Finney & Tilly Towler



“The Real Meaning of Pleasure” is a heartwarming and challenging observational documentary about a neurodiverse family’s journey of self-discovery and healing. Wayne, a 68-year-old man with Aspergers and terminal prostate cancer, has spent his life avoiding pleasure and living in pain at all costs.

But with the help of his estranged family; asexual, autistic sister Cathy and queer neurodiverse filmmaker niece Laneikka, he embarks on a reluctant journey of connection and love. Their destination? Las Vegas, the ultimate pleasure hub. More >

In Las Vegas, they examine Wayne’s relationship with religion and pleasure and together confront the traumatic events of Wayne and Cathy’s childhood that led to their estrangement. From his empty house and gruelling workout routine to Cathy’s flamboyant and joy-filled home, the film takes a raw and honest look at the complexities of neurodiversity and the power of love and acceptance.

Upon returning to Australia, we see the transformative impact the trip — and the chance to reconnect — has had on Wayne. He continues his relationship with his sister and niece, with the three meeting every few months to try a new activity on Wayne’s wishlist. Cathy even invites Wayne to move in with her.

Through their unique and hilarious perspectives, Wayne, Cathy and Laneikka show us that it’s never too late to find happiness and make the most of what we have in the time we have.

Photos: Joanna Cameron