The Carnival — Photo by George Fetting
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THE CARNIVAL captures the intimate moments of the six-generation carnival family, the Bells, as they haul their convoy of trucks, rides and workers across the country. Facing shutdowns and bushfires — and a dwindling economy thrown in — the family battles not only to keep Australia’s oldest show running and on the road, but ultimately to keep their legacy alive.

Directed by Isabel Darling
Produced by Tom Zubrycki



The Bells and their workers have a mission: to keep their carnival alive and thriving, and to keep it in the family. This sixth-generation travelling show family have been touring Australia for a hundred years, and now, facing some of the toughest times they’ve ever seen are preparing to hand over the reins to the next generation, with the empire expected to be handed down to the next boy in line.

Filmed over 7 years, this epic road-trip unveils not only the mystery of the travelling show-people, but also reveals a family grappling with traditional life in a modern world.

Photo: George Fetting