Testimony | Paul Kabai and Pabai Pabai | Photo: Nisa East
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As the climate emergency rises before them, two Torres Strait Islanders rise up too and sue the Government for climate harm in a landmark court case. This is their testimony.

Directed by Maya Newell
Produced by Uncle Paul Pabai, Uncle Pabai Pabai, Larissa Behrendt, Lisa Sherrard, Alex Kelly & Sophie Hyde
Executive Producer & Writer Dr Togiab McRose Elu



If nothing changes, it is expected that Uncle Paul and Uncle Pabai’s families will become climate refugees in the next 30 years. They face the loss of all that is part of their home, their lands, skies and seas. From the team of In My Blood It Runs Testimony is a collaborative feature documentary following Uncle Paul and Pabai and their communities as they sue the government for climate harm.

Weaving courtroom drama with the stories beyond the courtroom, of children, families and Elders we connect with what is truly at stake. Filling in the gaps and silences of the limited western court system, the film itself is their cinematic testimony.