Rachel’s Farm
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Rachel’s Farm

One woman’s journey from ecological despair to finding hope in the soil beneath her feet.

Produced by Betina Dalton



Film director and actor Rachel Ward is the last person you’d expect to join a farming revolution. Following the birth of her first grandchild, Rachel is confronted head-on by the impact of our climate crisis as Australia’s Black Summer fires descend on her farm. Besieged by drought and ecological despair, she embarks on a journey of discovery to regenerate the land on her farm, and herself.

In this triumphant film, Rachel voyages from her own wilful ignorance about the ecological impacts of conventional agriculture, to championing a movement to restore the health of our farmland, food and climate and in doing so, the wellbeing of the farming communities that sustain the nation and ourselves.

“Rachel’s Farm” is for anyone who cares about how their food is produced, how degraded our soils have become and the changing role of women on farms. With production now complete and the impact strategy developed, they are seeking further support to fully realise the film’s impact campaign.