Like My Brother
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Like My Brother

Ordinary girls with extraordinary talent on a quest to play football for real.

Directed by Danielle MacLean & Sal Balharrie
Produced by Sal Balharrie, Tammy Abala, Dianne Moore & Shane Tipuamantamerri

Freda concentrating



LIKE MY BROTHER charts the power and impact of raw, sporting talent upon the lives of four, young Tiwi women and their remote community. This coming of age story follows Rina, Freda, Juliana and Jess on their journey from the Tiwi to Melbourne and back again as they dare to dream, taking up opportunities as they present, to play football at an elite level.

Can she do it? How badly does she want it? Is she prepared to pay the emotional cost of leaving the islands for uncertain rewards. LIKE MY BROTHER redefines what it takes to walk with success in both worlds