FLOODLAND | Photo: Bonita Carzino
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A town that prides itself on its resilience in the face of persistent flooding is shattered by the most expensive climate disaster in Australia’s history. It’s a time of hard truths and difficult decisions for those who call Lismore home – and a cautionary tale for a changing world.

Directed by Jordan Giusti
Produced by Gal Greenspan, Rachel Forbes — Sweetshop & Green



For those who call it home, Lismore in Northern NSW is a paradise you would never dream of leaving. It’s also Australia’s most flood-prone postcode. In 2022, when Lismore is shattered by its worst-ever catastrophe, hard truths and difficult decisions follow: Can Lismore, as we know it, survive?

Intimate and immersive, Floodland goes beyond the headlines of the most expensive climate disaster in Australia’s history. Following a rich cast of characters through the aftermath, hope arrives with new love and the founding of a groundbreaking First Nations trauma centre.

But as the adrenaline fades, residents living on the floodplain are pushed to breaking point. Politicians, councillors and grassroots activists clash over the fate of Lismore. Inequality fractures the tight-knit community as a government buyback scheme stalls, and the resilience of the town is tested. In the struggle for the soul of Lismore, however, Bundjalung leaders emerge with a different vision, where First Nations knowledge plays a vital role in healing, planning and respecting the rivers. At a crossroads, the residents must choose whether to grit it out, adapt, or abandon Lismore.

Through the story of Floodland, audiences are confronted with a challenging history and an uncertain future that affects us all.

Photos: Bonita Carzino

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