Shark Island Foundation gives a limited number of Development, Production and Outreach grants for documentary each year.

Our focus in 2022/23 is to support films in development.

All donations to filmmakers are made through Documentary Australia

Projects must be on their ‘Approved List’ for consideration. You can submit your project to Documentary Australia here.


Grants are available to filmmaking teams at any stage of Development.

This includes development for:

  • writing a treatment
  • creating a concept or marketing reel to attract further funding

The filmmakers should already have access to key characters and be able to articulate the story and style, the strategy for funding and pathway to audience.



The Production fund is for films at pre-production, production or post-production stage.

The key requirements:

  • Footage to share (concept reel, character compile or rough cut)
  • 1–2 page overview
  • Other sources of funding or a strategy for attracting funding
  • A clear idea of who the audience is, how to reach them and the broader impact the film may have.



This fund is for films at post-production stage. We are keen to offer these grants to films we have supported through a Production grant.

What we need to consider your application:

  • a rough cut of your film
  • A known pathway to audience (distributor, broadcaster, streaming platform, community engagement strategy)
  • Partnerships in place
  • A realistic and targeted outreach plan

The Foundation will also consider offering grants to a film’s key partner organisation if the film can be used to further their work.