The Sessions

With film at the heart, THE SESSIONS are a series of programmed documentary screenings, in conversations and intimate round table discussions designed to build and strengthen our community of change makers. We bring together storytellers, thought leaders, policy-makers and practitioners to encourage creative exploration and discussion of the most pressing issues of our time.

THE SESSIONS are an opportunity to deep dive into the issues that require attention, and where creative lateral thinking can be a true solution and catalyst for change.

We believe that change happens when diverse communities get together, share their perspectives, resources and networks to problem solve entrenched issues with a fresh lens, often forming new surprising solutions and alliances.

THE SESSIONS provide a space where participants can step away from their assigned roles, formulas and expectations so that real conversations can happen. This means those often at odds can have the chance to understand the other point of view, or old friends might understand each other in a new light. These are the conversations and events that forge a pathway for change.