A feature documentary about Australia’s homeless youth.


Tough kids from tough backgrounds living dangerous lives — these are the young people of Oasis, a homeless youth refuge in inner-city Sydney. No story is too horrific, no circumstance too dire, no kid too damaged for its tireless director, Captain Paul Moulds.

Father figure, counsellor, saviour, and an orphan himself, Paul is nothing short of a legend amongst those who stumble in at breaking point, with nowhere left to go. Only Paul is there through all the chaos, from the birth of new babies to the funerals of those who self-destruct prematurely.

This raw observational documentary filmed over two years, charts the fraught lives of Paul’s extended family and captures his daily battle to save these lost children of the so-called ‘Lucky Country’.

Broadcast in 2008, The Oasis is now available on SBS OnDemand, with the sequel LIFE AFTER THE OASIS available November 10, 2019.

Directors: Sascha Ettinger Epstein, Ian Darling
Producer: Ian Darling
Cinematographer: Sascha Ettinger Epstein
Editor: Sally Fryer
Composer: Felicity Fox
Executive Producer: Susan MacKinnon
Line Producers: Mary Macrae, Isabel Perez
Assistant Editor: Hilary Balmond


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