Our company

Shark Island Productions

SHARK ISLAND PRODUCTIONS is an award-winning independent documentary production company based in Sydney, Australia. We aim to educate, entertain and make a significant social impact with our films.

Our documentaries include Suzy & The Simple Man, Paul Kelly – Stories of Me, The OasisIn The Company of Actors, Alone Across Australia, Woodstock for Capitalists, Polly & Me, Wall Boy, The Soldier and Stories From the Inside.

We create extensive education, outreach and community engagement campaigns to raise awareness and make a difference. Shark Island builds strategic partnerships with foundations, philanthropists and not-for-profit organisations to connect with a broader audience and bring about sustainable social change.

We also manage SHARK ISLAND INSTITUTE the non-profit philanthropic arm of Shark Island Productions, which brings filmmakers, philanthropists, not-for-profit organisations, artists, audiences and storytellers together in a variety of creative spaces.

Shark Island Productions is an approved B Corporation.